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Zagreb, the capital od the republic of Croatia, is an enchanting city where the old and the new, the past and the present, come together in way that captures the imagination. The Upper Town and the area around the Cathedral form the nucleus of the old city; their palaces, churches, streets, squares and museums are memorable testaments to a history that goes back more than 900 years.

On the other hand, the Lower Town and the newer parts of the city form a modern Central European capital, brimming with life. And in the surroundings of the city are numerous historical monuments, attractive manor houses, ancient churches, protected natural parks and spas with medicinal springs.

The city of about 934,000 inhabitants (according to the 1991 census) is located at an intersection of important international routes and ih 170 kilometres from the Adriatic Sea. It is set on the foothills of Medvednica (Zagrebačka Gora) and the banks of the River Sava, at an altitude of 120 metres above sea level. It has a continental climate with average temperatures of 20 degrees Centigrade in summer and 1 degree in winter.


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